Entrepreneurial and Brand Identity
Kitcomber is a platform that curates vintage selections and looks from all of the vintage clothing items available online. The current online vintage landscape is fragmented and convoluted and the lack of centralized curation creates a barrier to entry for new shoppers. Through the process of developing the business concept and structure, as well as branding, I gained a better understanding of the link between the internal workings of a business and its outward facing identity.
UI Design
The Kitcomber mobile app is designed to make the online vintage shopping experience approachable and enjoyable for new and seasoned vintage shoppers. The blend of classic and modern design alludes to the new way of shopping for classic clothing and features like closets (similar to Pinterest boards) and curated look books make the process fun.
Environmental Design
The Kitcomber pop-up shops extend the Kitcomber experience into the physical world. The playful incorporation of the Kitcomber shapes onto the walls of the space immerse the visitor in the world of KC, and the brand green coupled with softened colors of the vintage clothing makes visitors feel instantly comfortable.
Poster and Packaging Design
The Kitcomber visual system extends seamlessly into other physical applications such as posters and billboards by communicating a timeless sense of coolness through edgy photography and bold layouts. The photography establishes a youthful edge while the fresh appearance of the shapes and colors simultaneously establishes trust.