Ode to Vinyl
3D Motion
This piece aims to highlight the various components of the vinyl listening experience, both physical as well as spiritual. The camera closely examines the details of the vinyl listening equipment—all of which was modeled from scratch—while the chiaroscuro lighting and dreamlike interlude sequences suggest at the transcendental qualities of listening to music.
Candy Apple Red
3D Motion
For this piece I set out to create an ideal dining space based on my love of modernist art and interior design. I wanted to explore the contradiction of utilizing a very new technology (3D Design) to produce old forms (Modernist Furniture). The result is a space that would be wonderful as real restaurant or a set design.
Sacred Space
3D Motion
In Sacred Space I took advantage of the surreal possibilities offered by 3D design in order to visualize the magical, almost sacred, feeling of playing an instrument. The realism of the scene's modeling contrasts starkly with its unreal physics and calls all of the attention to the guitar and straps' suspension in midair.