Cowboy Film

Poster + Motion Design
Cowboy is a short film about president of the Oakland Black Cowboy Association, Wilbert Freeman Mcalister. I was hired by director James Manson to produce the poster for the Los Angeles premiere as well as to produce social media assets promoting the release. With only one week to deliver a final product I was forced work efficiently to find the solution.
Cowboy Poster
Poster Design
For the poster design I aimed to capture the essence of the film through a very simple visual language. The color palette alludes to the idea of a cowboy riding into the sunset, an idea which is reinforced by Wilbert's pose—appearing to stare off into that same sunset. The negative space echos the film's contemplative tone.
Cowboy Social Media Campaign
Motion Design
The social media campaign focuses on driving engagement by bringing the viewer further into the world of the film. The three social media assets provide glimpses into different pieces of Mcalister's personality—one emphasizing his style, another his fun nature, and the last his thoughtfulness.